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Hi my name is Breanda (Bree-anne-duh) a.k.a. Bree

I am a creative soul. A positive & bubbly person by nature. I believe that there is ALWAYS a rainbow after a rainy day, and I use this belief as my way of living. I was taught to hustle and to always be kind to others, work harder every day and always smile back (even on the bad days), you never know what someone is going through and a smile or compliment could really make a positive impact in their lives (you never know).

That is why I focus on spreading smiles and good vibes, because my life hasn't always been sun shines and butterflies, so I really have love for those who always encourage me to keep looking for that rainbow and to never give up. So I try to do the same through my shop. Stay positive, things get better. We can't have the rainbow without a little rain. :)


♥ Fun facts about me ♥

  • Born April 9  
  • Chocolate & Nutella lover
  • Dog Mom 
  • I'm into Mario Nintendo Games
  • Sponge Bob is my spirit animal
  • I love everything Pinkie Pie (yes, from my little pony)
  • I dream to travel the world
  • I love food, can you tell? (chubby cheeks? lol)
  • Accepted into Hogwarts but declined due to my fear of heights and broom flying.
  • I may or may not use too many emojis everywhere #noshame #emojisarelife #lol
  • I sometimes think I'm funny.