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Just some bunnies on a mission

Hi, my name is Breanda (Bree-anne-duh), but you can call me Bree for short ♥. I am the founder, designer, artist, customer service rep and all here at Rainbow Bunny Co.  

I believe in the rainbow, imagination and creativity. In staying a kid at heart. In spreading smiles and good vibes where ever I go. I am a positive and bubbly person by nature. Sponge Bob is my spirit animal to be honest hehe.

Truth is, my life hasn't been all that easy, no fairy tale , or movie story lol. BUT I have experienced many times this phenomenon in life's adversities: when things are getting worse, that's exactly when they are about to get BETTER! Because after the storm comes the rainbow.

That is my main purpose, this shop's purpose, to spread smiles, and rainbows, and remind others that it DOES get better, to keep smiling and trying, to always maintain a positive attitude and not give up. My purpose is to spread this good vibe  through "happy mail".

I decided to open this shop to share my passion but then it became more than that. It became my mission, my purpose. It has made others happy, and seeing others happy, makes ME happy. That is why I put my heart and soul into every single detail in this shop, I hope you do feel that bunny love when you receive your order.

That's the story behind our shop name, oh and the "bunny" part, is because, my hubby and I call each other "honey bunny", lol, we are high school sweethearts, both in our 20's, we have been together since 2009. He is my main supporter and constantly gives me ideas for bunnies to draw. He is my rainbow bunny lol. He also has started helping me pack and print. hehe

So there you have it, a couple of kids on a mission to spread smiles and good vibes, to remind others through happy mail, that, it gets better, to not give up, to smile and continue believing that after the storm comes the rainbow. ♥

Thank you for stoping by, I hope you give us a chance to make you smile!

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"When it rains, look for rainbows. When it's dark, look for stars"

-Bree & Sergio